About Me

My name is Brian and I’m currently a senior at Rutgers University. My major is in Communication and my minor is in Digital Communication.

Growing up, I was never particularly interested in cooking and rarely cooked for myself. It wasn’t until sophomore year in college that I realized I actually enjoy cooking . After that, I worked for almost two years as a cook at an Asian themed restaurant on campus but have had little formal training. Although I do not consider myself a particularly talented or experienced chef, I’m here to represent your average college student and recent graduates. You don’t need to be extremely talented to enjoy the many benefits of cooking at home.

In this digital age, it’s a wonder that there are countless young adults/college students that are unable to cook for themselves. The internet is playing a pivotal role in the life of the home cook. Recipes that previously took generations to pass down through word of mouth, are now accessible to almost anyone with just a few clicks. Cooking techniques that previously required professional training are now available on YouTube. A large part of the reason I began this blog is to encourage young adults to utilize the web and all this digital era has to offer.

The name MidnightCravings represents the tendency for college kids to party late, sleep late, and pull all-nighters cramming for exams. It’s natural to get hungry when you’re brain’s exhausted and not thinking properly. The food options in this category at this hour however, are generally pretty unhealthy —most kids just don’t care. I don’t blame them…I used to do the same (and still do every now and then). But it doesn’t hurt to incorporate some fresh foods from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Cooking is definitely a journey and I can guarantee that if you continue cooking at home and challenge yourself with different flavors/ingredients, you will notice a progressive change in the quality of your food. At the same time, I can also guarantee that not every dish you prepare will come out as expected. Every single professional chef in the world has dealt with failed dishes, but the MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES.

At this point and time, I’ve been cooking for only a few years, but it has quickly become a form of therapy and mental release for me. When you learn how to apply all your focus into a dish, all the worries of the world temporarily fade away. This is a hobby that’s healthy, has limitless boundaries, and will eventually become an important life skill for many people.

And of course, girls always love a guy that can cook!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Awesome! Great point about digital media transforming the way we talk and share about food and food culture. I follow a bunch of celebrity chefs and food gurus on Twitter, and it’s so cool to see them responding to fans and giving cooking tips via social media.

    Also, AWESOME and drool-worthy blog. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes on my own!

  2. Brian, Lovely to meet you. As you’ll see from my about page, we’re two sides of the same coin. I’m the mom of two 20-somethings who learned to cook after they left home. I’m so glad you’re using cooking as a release from your cares and a way to relax. You’re going to be a wonderful home cook!

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