Fried Dumplings and Curry

Quick and easy snack I made late night last semester. Critical to add water when pan-frying dumplings…as weird as that may seem. It’ll keep the dumplings from sticking to the pan and ripping the dumpling skins.


Here’s a great video on how to make some simple pan-fried dumplings.

  • Again, this is an example of the reason I created this food blog. I’ll bet most people out there have never pan-fried dumplings before and would end up burning/ripping them the first time they try. With the internet reaching into almost every facet of our everyday lives, I strongly encourage everyone to utilize this technology. Heck, half of the stuff I learned about cooking was through the media. (TV and YouTube)

One of the best packaged curries a person can buy. Generally only available in Asian specialty stores.

  • While curry may be one of those foods that people either love or hate, it’s incredibly easy to prepare and the possibilities are endless. Feel free to mix in chunks of meat, potatoes, vegetables…pretty much anything you have in your kitchen. Great way to get rid of produce that’s about to spoil.
  • All you need to do with this is put it into a pot with a few cups of water–start out with a little less water because you can continue to add more in order to thicken it. Alternatively, if it’s too liquidy for your personal taste, you can turn off the heat and after a few minutes, it’ll thicken.

Good Luck!


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