Endless Salmon Sushi

  • Made these over a year ago. Wish I had started blogging back then so I could have recorded the steps for everyone. This is just an example of the limitless boundaries of cooking for yourself. They may not look like restaurant quality sushi rolls…but making your own sushi is a great experience. Plus…it cost about 1/3 – 1/4 the price compared to ordering a platter like this in a restaurant. For the Rutgers students, go to H-mart on rt. 27 and for about $10-$15 , you can get enough sushi-grade salmon to make this entire plate and then some.


  • Another plate made the same day using the salmon. The squiggly stuff is a seaweed appetizer for those who were wondering. 
    sushi plate

I feel bad leaving everyone empty handed…so here’s a link to another food blogger I found. She gives a pretty thorough introduction on making sushi at home.

Lindsay’s Food Blog


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