Langosteen Lobster Pasta and Organic Salad

LangosteenLinguineAs a college student, it’s always handy to have pasta on hand. Stock up on a few boxes when you see it on sale at the grocery store. Personally, I prefer using thinner pastas whenever I’m incorporating seafood, but whatever you have on hand is fine. This was a linguine pasta that I boiled in salted water for approximately 10 minutes. Never hesitate to grab some of the pasta as it’s cooking and check the firmness. “Al Dente” is a commonly used term referring to pastas and literally translates to “to the tooth”/”to the bite”. What this means is that the pasta should have some firmness to it when you bite it. It will usually take a few attempts at boiling pasta before you manage perfect “al dente” pasta every time.

(Image from

Langosteen Lobster – Not quite shrimp and not quite lobster…  The Langosteen Lobster is not quite as sweet as a regular lobster and tastes a bit more like lobster than shrimp. Definitely worth trying and fairly simple to cook. Also, freeze whatever is left unused and add it to other dishes as a quick source of protein. If you purchase a cooked bag like I did however, be careful when you reheat/cook it because it will easily overcook.

Generally speaking, I prefer to drop them into a small pot of boiling water for just a few seconds to defrost them. Then, I add a little bit of butter or olive oil to a frying pan and saute with some onions and garlic.

Terminology: Sautéing is a method of cooking in a shallow pan over relatively high heat. This places an emphasis on quickly browning food in order to seal and distribute flavors.

Additionally, I also sauted some sliced red and yellow peppers, as well as some squash in a little butter and garlic.

You can use any pasta sauce with a dish like this, I used a simple canned tomato and basil sauce for this. When you hit a certain level with your personal cooking abilities, you can begin learning how to make white pasta sauces or even wine sauces.

After plating the pasta, vegetables, and langosteen, I simply ground some peppercorn over it and added a bit of parmesan cheese.

The salad is a simple organic pre-packaged salad. I rarely ever buy this myself because of the price…but got lucky and was able to grab this from my parents’ fridge at home. Add a little bit of balsamic vinegar and you’re good to go!


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